Wednesday, August 29, 2012

7 awesome exercises to lose belly fat fast


Currently, many individuals with belly fat are not quite sure about what are the best exercises to lose belly fat quickly. However, the following article can prove of great beneficial to them if they keenly read it.

Belly fat is a very common problem faced by numerous people all over the globe. This condition can be as a result of wrong eating habit, lack of exercise, sitting in front of your computer all the day long, among other things. Thus, in case you want to effectively eradicate your belly fat, it is ideal that you select the right workout for the same. Research has shown that the best workouts that can assist in reducing a person's belly fat include the ones that focus on strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles.

Along with exercises, it is also ideal that you adhere to good dietary plans. Have a well balanced diet and effectively reduce consumption of the fatty food altogether. Ensure that you also keep off from calorie food, soda, high cholesterol food, junk food, as well as chocolates and sweets. This is because these foods normally tend to accumulate fat in a person's abdominal region. Let us now look at the various exercises that can assist you effectively reduce your belly fat.

What are the Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat?

Regular exercise usually plays a very essential role in the process that involves losing belly fat. Here are the descriptions of essential fat loss workouts.

#Front Squat

This is believed to be among one of the simplest workouts that you can perform to reduce your belly fat. It involves standing with a distance in between your legs that is similar to your shoulder width. Place a dowel on your shoulders and hold it with your palms. Slightly bend your shoulders while holding the dowel. Then, perform a squat while maintaining the dowel in your shoulders.

However, while performing the squat, it is usually recommended that you do not in any way raise your heels; the body should just be slowly raised back to its original position.

#Stomach Twisting

While performing this workout, more than the action/movement, slowness of your moves and way of breathing normally holds greater importance. The movements or procedures that are involved in this workout are very simple to perform and master as well.

While performing this exercise, stand with your feet closer together. Your hands require to be held in front of your face while your palms must face the ground. Gently move your hands to the left and to the right side to enable your stomach twist. The position i.e. on the right/left should be held on for quite some seconds and then brought back to its original position.

  #Air Cycling

This is one of the best workouts that you can perform to lose your belly fat within a very short time period. To perform this workout, lie back on the floor. Place your both hands on the floor while ensuring that your palms are facing the surface. It is also right to put your palms behind your head. While holding to this initial position, lift your legs and slightly bend your knees. Maintain the upper body in a steady position so that it offers support to the leg movements.

burn the fat feed the muscleYour legs should also be moved in a circling motion. However, the movement should continue to at least duration of two minutes. Experts recommend that performing three sets of the two minutes air cycling workout everyday will not only assist cut down your belly fat but it will also contribute to your overall body fitness.

The workout proves to be important in increasing a person's abdominal muscle tenacity; the belly fat can be lost each time the muscles get stronger.


Swimming is the best workout for those who like it. An added merit of swimming is that it does not in any way impact individuals' joints, yet is a great exercise. Thus, even individuals suffering from injuries can choose swimming as a workout to lose their belly fat.

# Abdominal Crunches

Crunches can prove difficult to perform if you are doing them for the first time. If you are not used to exercising on a regular basis, this workout is more pronounced. However, with hard work and dedication the exercise can turn to be an easy and interesting one.

For you to perform the abdominal crunches, lie back on the floor. Bend your knees and carefully bring your feet a bit close to the body. Place your hands behind your head while ensuring that the hands bend at the elbows, take a deep breath and then lift your head upwards. While holding to this position, try and touch your forehead to knees. The movement that involves going back to the original position must be slowly carried down. Also, ensure that you exhale from time to time while performing the movements.

#Reverse Curls

Among the various burn belly workouts, this is a very great home exercise that can assist you in effectively eradicating your belly fat. Performing this workout involves lying on the floor and putting your hands next to the body. Bend your both legs and then lift the feet off the surface of the floor. Try now to lift the buttocks from the floor and hold to this position for quite some seconds. Return back to your original starting position. Repeat the same procedure for at least 15 times for more effective results.

#Leg Lifts

To perform this abdominal workout, lie on the floor and then extend your both legs. Place your hands next to the torso. Carefully lift the both legs approximately ten to twelve inches from the floor and hold for a count of at least twenty times. Slowly lower your both legs, touch the floor surface for minuscule second. Repeat this workout at least ten times for more effective results.

In conclusion, I hope now you know the answer to the question, what are the best exercises to lose belly fat. It is ideal that you adhere to any of the following exercise routine regularly for you to be able to achieve a slim waist line. Good luck.